IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking

Q2 2017/18 (May to July 2017)

  • The percentage of units returned jumped by 5% to a record high of 23%, solidifying a longer-term trend of increasing returns

  • Revenue from email marketing fell for the overall market, but remains strong on smartphones at 14.1%

  • Checkout abandonment on smartphones continues its gradual downwards trend, at 36%, down from 45% at the beginning of 2016


IMRG have started to track a variety of new metrics each quarter, revealing some interesting new data points…

  • The results for ‘percentage of visits that view a product page’ was heavily concentrated around 53%

  • The results for ‘Site search percentage’ were surprisingly varied, with the results concentrating between 10-30%

  • The ‘discount rate’ (% of revenue generated from discounted items) average was 18.5% — however the median was closer to 8% 

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