Meet the CIECC


CIECC is one of the principal Chinese Government agencies responsible for trade facilitation with core businesses including network infrastructure, e-commerce services, e-government services and security& credit.

IMRG has been developing relationships with the Chinese Government and Ministry Of Commerce for several years.  During the delegation’s forthcoming visit, IMRG will sign a formal MOU with CIEC:

  •          To promote cross-border E-Commerce between UK and China, including B2C and C2C
  •          To provide a framework for cooperation in identifying shared strategic aims
  •          To establish commitment towards good practice in pursuing business opportunities
  •          Promoting and organising delegates to participate E-Commerce events between UK and China
  •          Assisting and promoting each other’s activities and businesses related to E-Commerce in their own countries
  •          Conducting bilateral research and initiating consultancy report in different industries and fields
  •          Establishing a mechanism which allows each other to exchange data on E-Commerce development on a regular basis
  •          Initiating projects in terms of international standard cooperation and trust mark for cross-border E-Commerce enterprises
  •          Establishing a long-term training cooperation mechanism in E-Commerce between the Parties. 

If you are interested in meeting with the CIECCE and IMRG over these two days please email for more details.