IMRG Online Retail Data Webinars

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Join IMRG and Lucidworks for this Data Webinar, where we identify the 12 different types of search query that customers use – also looking at how customers behave when using search, their conversion and what happens when they receive either no results, or inaccurate ones.


Join IMRG and Elavon as we delve into the results of our study and reveal those checkout pages which see a high conversion rate, time and time again.


One of the most effective ways to understand what customers actually want and expect from retailers today is to ask them directly. Join IMRG and Zendesk as we analyse our extensive customer feedback datasets to analyse how you should evolve areas of your proposition.


Join IMRG as we home in on those metrics which not only define the state of play of UK ecommerce, but also those which provide the most actionable information for retailers to take away and study alongside their online retail strategies.


Join IMRG on our ‘Structuring Delivery / Returns Propositions’ webinar, supported by iForce and Wincanton, where we will share fresh insight from a number of IMRG data studies looking at how to structure your proposition for success.


Join IMRG, Maginusand Apptus in our Data Webinar and learn which methods of searching are most likely to lead to a conversion. 


Join IMRG and Loqate, a GBG solution, as we pinpoint which areas of the checkout retailers should optimise to increase conversion rates.


In this webinar, IMRGLiveArea, and Search Laboratory examine what we can learn from the Black Friday period in 2018, trends and messages we saw in seasonal marketing campaigns, and the pros and cons of participating in/opting out of the event.


Join IMRG and Summit as we pinpoint which areas of their websites retailers should optimise to increase conversion rates, focussing on the basket review and checkout pages.


How can purchase journeys be optimised

Join IMRG and Trustpilot as we look at various stages of the customer journey, with elements taken from multiple IMRG data studies, where we have found slight variations in how information is presented can influence greater conversion.


EU Flag

Join IMRG and GFS in a follow up to our recent Data Breakfast debate, as we consider what contingencies you can be putting in place to protect existing EU revenues by ensuring continuity of trade as well as open the gateway to international ecommerce growth – at the same time.


Join IMRG and Exponea as we pinpoint which areas of their websites retailers should optimise to increase conversion rates.


Join IMRG and iAdvize as we discuss the latest data we’re tracking relevant to customer engagement


Which sectors

Join IMRG and Omnia Retail as we give an overview of the latest sales growth trends, which are informed by more than 210 leading UK retailers.


Join IMRG and Bluecore and learn how you can improve your email performance and increase channel revenue


In this webinar, IMRG and Proximis discuss the differences between multichannel and online-only retailer propositions, with data informed by more than 210 leading retailers.


How did online retailers perform during January 2019, and what trends are IMRG tracking? Watch this webinar and get an overview of our February findings, which are informed by more than 210 leading retailers.


In this webinar we interrogate our sales index, which is informed by more than 210 leading retailers. Watch this webinar and get our data backed insights and analysis on January 2019 online retail performance.


Join IMRG and GFS to learn about the findings from an extensive report on consumer home delivery. Maru/edr surveyed 2,000 UK shoppers – we’ll analyse the responses and advise retailers what the results mean for online delivery best practice in 2019.


Join IMRG and SAS as we discuss online retail in 2018 by sector, with data informed by more than 210 leading retailers.


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